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Create a digital campaign for Celebrity Apex, an Edge-class cruise ship operated by Celebrity Cruises, and come up with a new tagline for the brand


People constantly have goals, meet them and immediately move on to the next thing without taking eve a moment to acknowledge their success.

We do not usually congratulate ourselves. We don't even take a second to allow ourselves to break into smile.


Wonder Awaits

Let's Celebrate Life

People need to take a break and celebrate.

Talking directly to driven individuals who have or will achieve a higher level of success, with strong aspirations: taking a break may be specially difficult for you, since you constantly want to be moving forward, you may feel like you’re settling, giving up on reaching your potential.

By celebrating what you’ve accomplished, you won’t be settling - you’ll be acknowledging progress.

And feeling like you’re making progress, is what can motivate you to keep pushing, to keep challenging yourself, day after day.

So be proud of all your achievements. Celebrate your success. You’ve put the hard work, and you deserve to feel happy.

Let’s celebrate life.

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